Jennifer McGrath Wins 2010 Huntington Beach Election

Jennifer McGrath Huntington Beach City Attorney

Jennifer McGrath Huntington Beach City Attorney

Huntington Beach election results.  The election is over and the Huntington Beach community has made it clear that they want Jennifer McGrath as their Huntington Beach City Attorney.

Huntington Beach residents voted to return Jennifer McGrath to office with over 72% of the vote reflecting clear approval of her job performance and a mandate to continue in her role as a government watchdog and protector of taxpayer dollars.

Endorsed by numerous community organizations and individuals, Jennifer McGrath received the most important endorsement – that of her fellow Huntington Beach residents.

I am honored that my fellow citizens have re-elected me to the office of Huntington Beach City Attorney.  I will continue striving to earn that trust every day.

I will continue to provide the City of Huntington Beach with nonpartisan pro-active legal assistance to avoid litigation whenever possible and I will aggressively defend lawsuits against the City.  I believe tax dollars should not be wasted on frivolous lawsuits, but dedicated to public safety, infrastructure, and community services.

I believe in honest ethical government which is why I will continue to personally teach ethics training three times a year to all elected and appointed Huntington Beach City officials, as well as to City employees involved in fiscal management of the City’s affairs.

I believe in transparent government which is why I will continue City-wide training programs on a variety of topics including the Brown Act and the Public Records Act to remind Huntington Beach City staff that they work for the citizens.

I am proud to continue working for the people and the City that is my hometown.

Other races in the Huntington Beach election were much closer.  Twenty-one candidates vied for four spots on the Huntington Beach City Council.  The four candidates elected to the City Council include Connie Boardman with 9.4% of the vote, Joe Carchio with 8.7%, Matthew Harper with 7.5%, and Joe Shaw with 6.9%.

In other elections of note, Huntington Beach Mayor Cathy Green was elected to the Orange County Water District with 39% of the vote, and Huntington Beach Treasurer Shari Freidenrich was elected as the Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector with 54.6% of the vote.

Huntington Beach voters passed judgment on four measures submitted for their consideration.  The voters approved Measure N which updated the Huntington Beach City Charter, as well Measure P which modernized the Huntington Beach Utility Users Taxes.  Huntington Beach voters rejected Measure Q indicating their disapproval of cell phone tower construction in Harbour View and Bolsa View parks.  Voters also rejected Measure O which would have mandated that debt service, or any other indirect costs, be excluded in the 15% calculation of the general fund expenditures for infrastructure improvements.